About us

Who We Are

Co-Owner and Operator, Scott Schaefer, began Deals N Dragons during November of 2017. Scott was a graduate of UW-Platteville. During his time in college, Scott played in a bunch of MTG tournaments, which is where his gaming roots originally come from. Once graduated, Scott decided that creating a community was more important than anything else and Deals N Dragons was founded for the gaming community.

Co-Owner, Shelby Schaefer, was a graduate of University of Northern Iowa. During her time in college, Shelby was part of a Dungeons and Dragons group and also often played adventure board games with her fellow UNI friends. Once graduated, she moved to Platteville, married Scott, and supported him in his dream to open Deals N Dragons.

What We Do

Deals N Dragons is a Board Game and Trading Card hobby shop. We offer a local play area for our customers to try out board games they may be interested in before buying them. We also offer an environment for players to learn and strengthen their skills as players.