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Chaos Space Marines: Defiler

Chaos Space Marines: Defiler

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Add hellish Heavy Support to Chaos Space Marines, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, and World Eaters armies

A walking arsenal with a mighty cannon and loads of extra ranged options

This towering daemon engine can shred enemies in melee or from afar

Defilers are towering daemon engines that stomp across the battlefield on piston-driven legs, their clanking claws and barbed limbs easily capable of slicing a Space Marine in half. No foe is safe from a Defiler – these abominable constructs spit powerful shells from their monstrous cannons, and trigger an arsenal of heavy weapons on a cruel mechanical whim, inflicting a terrible toll no matter the distance.

This multipart plastic kit builds one Defiler – a terrifying daemon engine fielded by the Traitor Legions. This vehicle is raised up on six mechanical limbs which can be posed in a variety of ways, including two forelimbs tipped with crushing claws. Its torso is also poseable, and sports a powerful battle cannon as well as a pair of side-mounted weapons – a reaper autocannon on the right, and your choice of havoc launcher, twin heavy flamer, or writhing scourge tentacles on the left.

This detailed kit offers plenty of cosmetic options, including a choice of three different faceplates for the Defiler's head, as well as a variety of Chaos icons, trophy racks, spikes, and hooks. It also includes a combi-bolter or combi-flamer which can be mounted on the Defiler.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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